New Year, New Me?

It is a true fact that I am sat here writing this in my christmas pudding pj’s surrounded by tubs of Hero’s chocolate, a few empty wrappers of Dairymilk and thoughts of takeaway pizza.

God, I need help.

So here it is, another year. I usually say to myself at the start of the year that I am going to lose weight and that is my sole goal, however it is not my goal this year.
I NEVER do what I say to myself, but I want this year to be different, and for some reason I am feeling very prosperous about 2017.

I just want to be healthier, more in control of eating – stop the unnecessary ‘binging’ as if certain foods are going extinct and like I NEED them right now.

I also want a better sleep pattern/relationship. I need to get off technology at a reasonable time and appreciate that my body needs wind down time – maybe a good book would help?

Something that always pops up around the start of the year is exercise, I however am not going to tell myself this year that I am going to be a gym bunny, cus I ain’t!

I do however want to give couch to 5k and real go. I wrote a blog post last year about how I was going to start it, guess what? I never did start it, this time round I want to do it for me, for a healthier mind, and to improve fitness levels.

One of my sisters has provided me with some ‘hand-me-up’ (I say hand me up as she is my younger sister) running clothes- so I need to do it. I am known as the ‘giver upper’ in my family, and I want to prove people wrong.

So a little rambily post, but I really wanted to just write these things down.

And in the time I have thought and rambled, I have actually ordered a pizza and I am going to enjoy it whilst watching Bridget Jones Diary, going well then.

Until next time,

Laura, x

March Shopping Buys

I haven’t had a good shop for ages! 

I miss working full time and the excitement that payday brought and it meant I could go to my local shopping centre and splash some hard earned cash!

Working part time is a lot more restricted- like I seriously don’t know how i’m managing at the moment (Im not, lets be honest).

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Mothers Day – Afternoon Tea

Homemade Afternoon Tea

So for Mother’s Day in our house – we did it a week late (intended)

My mom asked for my gift to her to be a homemade afternoon tea – and so I filmed my day making all of the yummy treats ! I will link the video in for you but I will show you a sneaky peak of the things that I made including; scones, lemon tart and viennese whirls! All homemade

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