Roast Turkey Dinner

Okay, so I am not going to explain the WHOLE process on making a roast turkey dinner from scratch. What I will do though is talk you through all the elements to make a kick ass, Slimming World friendly christmas dinner. With all the trimmings.

So I feel the easiest way for me to do this is list everything that you will need to make your turkey dinner, so here goes….

1 Whole Turkey
Potatoes ( Preferably Maris Piper)
Slimming World Sausages (defrosted)
Back Bacon
Box Stuffing (I use Paxo)
Gravy Granuals
Cranberry Sauce (I love the chunky one)


Okay so there is a lot of prep to do for the turkey dinner, but once you have all the prep done you are ready to get cooking.

Start of by getting all your veg prep done. Peel and chop your potatoes, parsnips and carrots. Peel the outer leaves of the sprouts and trim the stump part.

Trim any fat off the bacon and wrap around the slimming world sausages to make your pigs in blankets and lay them onto a baking tray.

Make the stuffing as per box instructions (usually adding boiling water) and spread into a serving dish that you can also put into the oven, if you don’t have one then put it into a baking tin it will be fine! (I love eating the stuffing mix while it is raw but don’t do that unless you are gonna count the syns – naughty!)

And for the turkey prep place it into a large roasting tin. We usually put bacon over the top of the turkey and wrap it in lots of foil. But if you prefer to just roast without bacon go ahead! I may experiment this year and see how golden I can get it!


Okay so once you have all your bits prepared its time to get cooking. (You can do it!)

You will have to put your turkey in the oven first (and depending on size) will depend how far ahead you will need to cook it. As a family of 6, mom always used to buy a HUGE turkey and set it on timer in the oven to come on around 5am and when we awoke on christmas morning there was the most amazing smell! It was then ready and cooked at about 10am and we let it rest on the side until we have our dinner.

Once your turkey is half way cooked (there will be cooking instructions on the turkey you buy if you are unsure!) you can then start to get everything else ready.

Part- boil the potatoes and parsnips then spray a tray with frylight. Drain the potatoes and parsnips and tip onto the tray, spray with a little more frylight and season with salt and pepper and place in the oven at about 180C.

Once your potatoes and parsnips are half way cooked you can then add the sausage wrapped in bacon and the stuffing into the oven and cook until both golden.

Put your carrots and sprouts on to boil at the same time.

And then by some sort of christmas miracle all of the above should be cooked at around the same time! So either transfer into serving dishes, or serve straight onto a plate.
Boil your kettle and make up the instant gravy – as per box instructions.
And don’t forget that dollop of cranberry sauce.

So, how many syns? 

Ah, the key question here!
Lets break it down;

Turkey: Syn Free
Roast Potato: Syn Free
Roast Parsnip: Syn Free
Carrots: Syn Free
Sprouts: Syn Free
Pigs in Blankets: Syn Free
Stuffing: 25g1.5 Syns
Gravy: 100ml1.5 Syns
Cranberry Sauce: 1tbsp 1.5 Syns

Total: 4.5

C’mon, not bad for a christmas dinner ay?
and plenty more syns left to enjoy the rest of your christmas day.

So I hope this has helped you out in some way, shape or form!
Let me know if you attempt any of my christmas recipes.
oh, and Merry Christmas.



Laura, x


One thought on “Roast Turkey Dinner

  1. This is a wonderful post and something that I definitely needed to read. I am going to take this on board. I am also on slimming world so it is really useful. I am following you so I can read more of your posts. xx


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