Raspberry Rice Pudding Jars

Continuing with my mission to eat desserts and still lose weight, I bring you my raspberry rice pudding jars.

These are a great dessert, and are mess free as they are in individual pots so everybody gets their own!

They are really simple to make, they do take a while as there is lots of cooling period in between but the actual process is really easy!



70g Short Grain Pudding Rice
350ml Skimmed Milk
7 Heaped TBSP fat free greek yogurt
3 TBSP Sweetener
4 Mini Meringue (or 2 normal size)
Lemon Extract
Light Aerosol Cream

5.5 Syns Per Jar

1. Place the pudding rice and the milk into a saucepan, put the heat onto simmer and cook the rice for around 25 minutes, or until the rice is fully cooked. If the milk evaporates too quickly just put a little bit of water in to help the rice out. Once the rice is cooked, put it into a bowl and put to chill in the fridge.

2. Once the pudding rice is chilled add the greek yogurt and mix it all in. Then add a few drops of lemon extract and the sweetener and mix it all in. Taste the rice to see if it is sweet enough, add more sweetener if preferred.

3. You now need to layer your jars with the rice mixture and the raspberries, starting with the rice, raspberry, rice raspberry etc.

4. Once your jars are full crumble one of the mini meringues over the top, then top with 12g of light aerosol cream, top with another mini meringue and a few extra raspberries.





I would also just like to take a moment to say I am not ‘model material’ I am not skinny, I have not got the perfect hair, perfect make up….BUT I enjoyed taking these photos with my sister and dog! So if you are looking at this please appreciate you are going to see untouched, un photoshopped photos on my blog!

I hope this doesn’t offend you and I hope you enjoyed my post!

Laura, x


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