Picking Myself Back Up

So May has been a VERY busy month for me. 

I have had uni hand-in deadlines, assessments (which i’m pretty sure I fluffed up), my job, uni work placement and my YouTube channel to work on! Not to mention getting on with everyday life, family & seeing my boyfriend.

Rhys (my boyfriend) went to Manchester for a week towards the end of May to do some recording with his band so that did give me a bit of free time to focus on things.

Anyway, I have been feeling pretty down with my self this month, my body confidence is zero and I expressed that in one of my most recent videos.
I don’t know why I always feel so down on myself, its a constant vicious circle. Feel down, eat bad, feel down again.

I am always telling myself, tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be a dieting queen, I will be an exercise  fanatic and I will be a new person.

Well truth be told, I wake up, maybe have breakfast on plan, go to work and come home and slob watching tv, making the same promise as I did the night before.

Anyway, I am sick of my own excuses now. I have a holiday in September that I have been looking forward to since last October. This is one holiday that I told myself I would look amazing for, and not lack in self confidence like I have for every other holiday I have been on since about 2008.

It is June now (practically) and I have 4 months to get my ass into gear. I need to sort out my will power. Question myself do I really want to lose weight, do I want to fit back into my clothes again? The obvious answer is yes.

But I am my own worst enemy when it comes to weight loss. I can do so well then 1 thing can trigger a downward spiral. Like this week for example, I did so well, then Rhys comes back from Manchester, we had pizza and shared a McDonalds fries and 9 nuggets between us. Then at Rhys’s family gathering the next day I had not 1 but 3 pieces of chocolate cake, 2 of them being covered in double cream!!

I ask myself what is wrong with you Laura!!
Own worst enemy.

So, I am happy to forget last week. And I am looking ahead to the future, I have a holiday to shape up for, no excuses!
I find if I keep up to date with my social media (YouTube, Instagram) then I tend to stay on track more. I just need Rhys to not temp me with pizza! Dammit.

(He is one of those who can eat everything and not put on a single ounce of weight) 

So this post here is a pledge to myself, to do it for me. When I go on holiday in September I will fell amazing, and I will be confident in a bikini.

I know I am not going to be a gym bunny like I fascinate about (because I can’t afford gym membership to start with!) but what I would like to do is actually start exercise and keep it up! Use free facilities, YouTube, Apps, DVD’s I already own for example. I need to get over feeling embarrassed at exercising at home.

Start working towards what I keep saying I will!

So if you would like to follow my journey, smack my fingers when I go off track then feel free to on my blog, YouTube or Instagram.

Size 10 holiday clothes, i’m coming for you!

Laura, x



2 thoughts on “Picking Myself Back Up

  1. OMG this post could have easily been about me! I also go on holiday in September and I’m also in the same rut when it comes to “being good”. I’m feeling really inspired by your post though so thank you.

    Also, when it comes to exercise, have you ever looked at Couch to 5k? I did it a few years ago and I’m still shocked to this day that I managed it. I’m going to give it another go since I’ve got 10 weeks until my holidays and it’s a 9 week programme…


    1. I am glad you found the article useful! And you know what….I have tried the couch to 5k, about 4 times now and always lose motivation to do it. I want to start the gym once I get back of my holiday in July (last minute booking) and I may try and do the couch to 5k at the gym on the treadmill or something. Attempt it once again!


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