March Shopping Buys

I haven’t had a good shop for ages! 

I miss working full time and the excitement that payday brought and it meant I could go to my local shopping centre and splash some hard earned cash!

Working part time is a lot more restricted- like I seriously don’t know how i’m managing at the moment (Im not, lets be honest).

So I did quite a bit of overtime this month and when I got paid I decided to treat myself – and I thought I would share some of the things I brought 🙂

First thing to show you is this reusable Starbucks cup – I regretted not buying one of these when I saw them on the motorway services a few months ago – then when I saw it as I was going to get myself a coffee I knew I had to get it!…

It was only £1 and will come in so handy at uni – instead of my buying Starbucks everyday I can take my own drink in, but still blend in with the crowd 😉

The next thing I brought was a new bag– I really needed a new everyday bag as my Topshop one was falling to pieces and had so many stains on from takeaway coffee (oops)

This gorgeous bag is from New Look and was £24.99 – but I did use my student discount so I got a little knocked off that price 🙂

I think the bag is beautiful and I am SO happy with it – I has a detachable strap so I can wear it over my shoulder or hold it by the handle!


I also brought me a new pair of sunglasses! I only own 1 pair of sunglasses and they are prescription glasses – but I needed a pair or normal glasses for when I wear my contact lenses – so these were perfect! They were £5.99 from New Look.

I also picked up a sunglasses case because I am terrible with my glasses! My sunglasses that I already have – have scratches on the lense because when I swap my glasses over when I go indoors I just throw them in my bag- terrible I know!

So I am going to start looking after my sunglasses now! The case was £2 and from Primark.

It all gets a bit ‘beauty’ from this point – first I brought a make up bag – which I have needed for AGES! This one is really big so will fit everything in- it is also Mickey Mouse so that makes it even better! I love the Mickey Mouse zip! This was £5 from Primark


I also picked up these very cute Disney studs from Primark for £2.50 – I needed some studs because I haven’t worn earrings for so long and I started to panic that my earring holes were going to heal up! So my sister showed me these ones- and being the suckers for Disney that I am – I HAD to get them of course!

They are really simple – but really cute!


I also picked up the MUA eyshadow pallete for £4 from Superdrug – I am really excited to try this as I have been wanting some shimmery eyshadows for ages!

I also got the MUA eyebrow pencil for £1 to try out!

I am almost out of blush – I currently use a Benefit Cosmetics one which cost over £20- and I had a look at the Makeup Revolution ones and quite liked the shade of this one and thought I would give it a try- it was only £1 from Superdrug so was worth trying it out!


The last thing that I got was some much needed make up brushes! I have been needed new brushes for so so long, but have put of buying them as they are quite an expensive thing to buy!


I got the Real Techniques Complexion brush – I have heard good things about this brish and I am so excited to try it! The brush feels very smooth so I have high hopes! It was £8.99 from Superdrug.

Also from the Real Techniques collection I got a make up sponge– again something I have seen being used by lots of people – so I thought I would give it ago myself! It was £5.99 from Superdrug.

I also wanted a brush for contouring – I couldn’t decide between the Real Techniques one of the Makeup Revolution one- they were both the same price so I thought I would try the Makeup Revolution one as I had already brought 2 Real Techniques products. The Bristles seem very smooth on this too – and I am looking forward to testing this one out also! The contour brush was £9.99 also from Superdrug.

If you would like to watch a full video on my haul I shall link it here for you – Watch Shopping Haul

I hope you enjoyed seeing the lovely things I brought, if you have used any of the products that I have brought and have an opinion on them, please feel free to share it!

Laura, x


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