Climbing Snowdon

So I have been a little quiet recently on my blog posts (because I have been SO busy with uni, work and YouTube taking up quite a bit of my free time!)

But life has still been going on and I am super excited to be going to Wales in 2 weeks! 
I can’t wait for a break from routine, I can’t wait to just chill and not have to worry that I have work the next 3 days and I need to do this for Uni and that for so and so etc.

So I actually only really know 1 person out of the 9 who are going on this trip to Wales – So it is gonna be a real ice breaker to get to know everyone!

We are staying in a lovely cottage literally in the middle of now where! It has an outdoor seating area and a BBQ so it should be a lovely retreat for when we aren’t walking!

I have never been on a ‘walking’ holiday before so it is a completely new experience.

I have had to buy some new things so I am prepared such as; walking boots, thermals, waterproof coat and boot socks! 

I never thought at 21 I would be buying walking boots! haha


So I just thought I would keep you informed and that I have not fallen of the face of the earth….heres a picture of me all excited trying my stuff on at home! (anyone else do that when they get home after shopping? haha) 


Always looking cool..

Laura, x


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