Cherry Chocolate Brownies

mmm, chocolate.

My favourite fruit in the world are cherries. The more I can use them the happier I am!

This recipe incorporates canned cherries with brownie, I mean whats not to like?
This recipe is easily adaptable, you can use any fruit that you would like, or anything else such as nuts work well in brownies too.


I am linking in another you tube video for the method how to make the brownie.

It is SO simple, the mix makes loads, so you can have either big chunky pieces or lots of smaller bitesize pieces.

You can also freeze the brownie once it is made, just wrap it in cling film and then in foil. When you come to defrost it just take it out of the freezer and leave to thaw. It should only take a few hours.


So the link to the video is just below ↓

Chocolate Cherry Brownie

Please feel free to leave any comments of feedback either on here or on the video it self, It is much appreciated!

I hope you enjoy!

Laura, x



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