Slimming World Carbonara

Who likes pasta?

who likes bacon?
who likes cheese?
who wants to lose weight?

Answered yes to all the above? Then I have the perfect recipe for you!

Spaghetti Carbonara, I have a love hate relationship with it, sometimes I could faceplant a bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta goodness….other times its like the blandest most wasteful plate of calories I have ever ate (Frankie & Benny’s i’m talking about you).

When following Slimming World I have struggled to find a good replacement recipe for carbonara, most recipes are some form of concoction using ‘Quark’. Yuk.

Until I stumbled across one recipe using fromage frais I thought okay lets try fromage frais. So I had a little play with ingredients and came up with this recipe- and oh my!

I have a new Slimming World favourite! I cannot recommend this enough.

Now, I add chicken, bacon, chilli and chives to my carbonara – I know not traditional ingredients, but hey i’m all for breaking traditions!

I think the chilli gives it a good kick, and I love chives, I think they are a fantastic herb, chives give the carbonara a nice pepperiness.
If you don’t like chives, or don’t have any, chopped parsley is always good to add.

This recipe is extremely versatile, you can use any pasta you like, I use penne aswell as spaghetti – and to make more portions all you do is multiply the ingredients!

Doing something different..

So this post i’m actually linking a video how to make the carbonara instead of a step by step photo and method like previous posts.

(I will give you a slight warning it contains my voice, which has a heavy Black Country accent – if you have no idea where the Black Country is – or our accent- just google it)

Slimming World Carbonara

(^ Link to video)

I hope you like the video, please feel free to post any comments regarding the video, or any feedback- it helps me knowing what works and what doesn’t!

Slimming World Carbonara

Thank you for reading!

Laura, x


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