So, what would be the point in reading a blog of someone you know nothing about?

Well, if your as nosey as me, there would be no point! So in my first post I will give you a little bit of information about me!



There’s a lovely collaboration of images for you of some highlights from 2015!

2015 was a mixed year for me, I had my holiday of a lifetime to Walt Disney World with my boyfriend, but I also left not only my job, but also profession in which I was in to start all over in a new career.


Goodbye chef whites, long shifts & stress and Β Hello books, kids & lectures!

My life is even busier by choosing to go to uni, I juggle uni, placement and a part time job, so its fair to say, I don’t have much spare time!

My spare time comprises of slobbing watching TV, nerding on Instagram, spending far too much money on clothes and scouring the internet for things that I just can’t afford – yes Louboutin’s i’m talking about you!

I live in the wonderful West Midlands, yes the folk who talk in a strange way, but please don’t call me a ‘brummie’ I do not live in Birmingham!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 18.23.19

I live in quiet suburbs, right next to a nature reserve (see pic above), not to far from transport links, but nice enough to get away from the bustle of towns\city’s. Β Perfect place to walk my little doodle – Poppy.


Here’s Poppy with some poppies!

Any how, I shan’t waffle on any longer as I will be posting throughout the year on updates of other aspects of my life.

ta-tar for now,

Laura, 21, newbie blogger. x




5 thoughts on “About me

      1. Secondary, 11-18, English. I’m still trying to figure out the next steps! Am currently teaching GCSE resit to post 16 learners who didn’t get C, just for a couple of hours a week. The rest of the time I spend with my children and research what I want my new career to be! Teaching has so many wonderful things about it; in some ways, it is the best job in the world. Hard to find anything that will compare! I hope you love it x


      2. I’m training to be a primary teacher! My dad is a lecturer of engineering at college, i just don’t think i could deal with the big kids! I wish you all the luck in whatever you find yourself doing! x


      3. I often wonder whether I would be happier moving into primary. Teaching is a wonderful job in so many ways. I think I’m just a little disillusioned after 12yrs. Maybe a break will refresh me. Maybe…! Good luck to you! I hope you love it as much as I have done x


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